Workbook and Guide for Photographers $59.99
Grab this great workbook with companion presentation and and start working your way through branding, hashtagging, social media, marketing and more. It's all about the tools you need to get motivated and get down to business. The workbook comes with a slide presentation for learning at your own pace.

This class was taught as a 2 - 1/2 day workshop at a PPA Affiliate school and will be returning for a full week in 2019.

Hear what one of Trish's students had to say about the class. This workbook was the foundational hands-on piece that the whole class was based upon.

I recently took Trish's class "Increase Your Income or Shrink Your Dreams....The Choice is Yours" at the New England Institute of Professional Photography, and I have to say, it was the most fun I've ever had in a class!

Trish is a bundle of energy, and a wealth of information. Everyone in the class couldn't believe how fast the time went by - we were learning so much but it was so fun and interactive, the time just flew by. I met some great people in her classes, and the hands-on parts were so helpful.

I have two more of Trish's classes to attend coming up soon and I can't wait!


Tanya Hervey
Rochester NH
Total Price: $59.99
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