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Sunday, April 15, 2018
By Trish Logan




Here are some helpful hints and advice that will help you get ready for your business portrait.  

If you are planning to photograph a group of business professionals for your website,

I recommend that you keep color choices simple: 


Colors should be within the same color range.   Solids work best.  Discourage the professionals in your group from wearing different patterns and too wide a variety of colors.   

Follow these simple rules to avoid anything that might distract the viewer.   I suggest everyone wear a color or colors with in the same color palette.   Keep darks, overly bright colors and pastels from being mixed amongst the group.  Always go with a solid versus a pattern.  If you choose a pattern make sure it is limited to a simple, classic or very subtle one.  Patterns that are the same color as shown in the woman's portrait above are less distracting than a pattern with many colors.

Think about how your location will effect what you choose to wear:  Are you planning a location for your portraits that will work with what you will be wearing.  For example: Dressing overly professional in a casual outdoor setting doesn't usually work.  That being said dressing very casual in an elegant business setting will also look out of place. 

Try to choose colors that will not detract from your company logo or website backgrounds: Choose selections that will fit the style you envision and you wish to portray for your company.  Stay true to your branding to ensure a cohesive blend with your web and on-line persona.

Avoid dressing too much alike as a group: When planning your company portraits, you may think it's a great idea for everyone to dress very similar,  unless your employees are required to wear uniforms, I recommend you allow them to choose similar colors show a little personal style.  

Now that you know what to wear, you are ready to go!  

 Relax and enjoy updating your business portraits.  We recommend taking a look at your images annually and suggest updating as needed based on workforce changes.


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